We are open in our location  at 2951 Colerain Ave in Camp Washington



It's a little hard to define our services because we do about everything that can be called guitar repair, customization and restoration. Restoration of fine vintage guitars, basses and the like is our core business and that along with designing and building involves every possible repair related skill at some point. To name a few:

  • All kinds of crack repair
  • Refinishing
  • Touchup including shading and toning
  • Structural repairs like rehabilitating smashed necks
  • Re-repair of something awful that was done by someone trying to fix it
  • Authentic replacement necks
  • Fabricating missing parts both wood and metal
  • All fret work including leveling and dressing, re fretting and so on
  • Making new fingerboards including fretting
  • Repairing and rebuilding electronics
  • Binding and purfling replacement
  • Making both original spec and enhanced acoustic tops
  • Nuts, bridges, saddles
  • Inlay
  • Cleaning polishing and all round rehabilitating
  • Neck re-setting
  • Internal repair of acoustics (braces, bridge plate)

This is just the beginning but someone will ask if I do setups or replace tuners or some other specific task. I'll try to get this list updated and expanded to list more specifics but keep in mind, if it has strings and frets or no frets and it needs a repair, adjustment or enhancement we can do it.