Fretted Instrument Services

​‣  Touch up and repair of modern "poly" finishes 

​‣ Involved structural repair

‣  Adjustment and setup

‣  Authentic Vintage Lacquer Finishes

You’ve made an important and wise decision.


Camp Washington Workshop

We are open in our new location  at 2951 Colerain Ave in Camp Washington


You’re ready to improve something for yourself. You’ve decided to just say “no” to living with beat-up, damaged,broken instrument or one that doesn't suit you.  You can take advantage of the quality work and honest advice we provide.  Feel free to call, or stop in to our new Northside Workshop to ask questions and see what can be done for you.



‣ Electronics Repair and Customization

‣ Complete and Correct Vintage Restoration

If you're not happy with a standard instrument we can help by listening and turning the instrument in your imagination into one you can touch and play.  We've can also advise on modifications that can be made to your instrument that will make it fit you better while preserving it's value.


Whether it’s old or new electric or acoustic, our shop will give  you exactly the skilled service you need.  The list below is just a start.

The bass neck in the picture above had been broken twice before being repaired at Restoration guitar.  I started building guitars as a teen-ager and have rarely stopped since.  I take the greatest care and attention to every job because it's the work I love.

About Us

With over 30 years of experience building, repairing and restoring guitars, basses and similar instruments of all types we offer a full range of services.  We apply the same quality of artistry and skill to any task from the simplest adjustment to a complex structural repair or the completely authentic refinish of a rare and fine vintage guitar.  


‣ Fabrication of missing parts

We specialize in taking fine instruments that are nearing the end of thier useful lives and bringing them back to full functionality and like-new appearance.  We've actually done this hundreds of times and we can make your treasured instrument what it once was.

In thirty years we have probably encountered every possible type of damage that can be done to an instrument.  Specialized techniques and tooling have been developed for many common problems like broken necks, and many uncommon ones too.

‣  Guitar Electronics repair and Customization

‣  Complete Custom Instruments

Passion for the work and the experience to do it right.